Pearl River Kayaks offers a variety of themed, guided tours. Whatever your interests and needs may be, we have a tour for you! Mandy schedules tours as they are requested, so she can customize the experience for you. You can join a tour already scheduled to paddle along with others or book a private outing for yourself, your family or group.

Guided Tours are $50 per person.

  • Kayaking 101

  • Kayaking 101

    Beginner Level Course - No Experience Needed - All Ages Welcome

    The only requirement is a willing, adventurous spirit. Mandy will teach you the rest!

    We cover all of the basics of flat water recreational kayaking. Learn how to prepare for the trip, how to enter and exit a kayak, paddling techniques, safety procedures, outdoor awareness, navigating waterways, encountering wildlife and more.

    Thinking about getting your own kayak? Try each of the different kinds we offer to find out what's best for you. Discover your new favorite hobby! But be warned, "Kayaking is Addictive!"

    3 to 4 Hours of Instruction & Paddling Adventure

  • Retired/No Longer Available

    Kayaking 201

    Intermediate Level Course - Basic Paddling Skills Required - Ages 12 and Up

    This course teaches advanced kayaking techniques and how to handle some of the more difficult situations kayakers may encounter. Skills to be learned include open water exit and reentry, capsize and recovery techniques, portaging over and around obstacles, hypothermia prevention, team building skills, and more. Active participation is required. Come prepared to get wet! I've even taught one gentleman how to scuba dive from a kayak.

    This course covers all skills required for the Boy Scout kayaking merit badge. Swimming & water safety badges are prerequisites!

    4 to 5 Hours of Instruction & Demonstration

  • Kayaking 201

  • Wildlife & Bird Watching

  • Retired/No Longer Available

    Wildlife & Bird Watching

    The waterways we paddle are a birdwatcher and nature lover's paradise. Photo opportunities abound! Explore with Ms. Angi to learn the names, habitats and behaviors of dozens of beautiful bird species. Visit breeding colonies of herons, egrets, anhingas and pelicans. Paddle under soaring eagles, ospreys, hawks and kites. Migratory birds like the Prothonotary Warbler and Scarlet Tanager use the Pearl River as a natural highway and hop right down to the water's edge to serenade us as we paddle by.

    Wildlife we may see includes turtles, alligators, mussels, beavers, raccoons, otters, deer & more. Learn about the many endangered species that inhabit the Pearl River.

    3 to 4 Hours of Paddling Adventure & Nature Loving Fun

  • Retired/No Longer Available

    Kayak Fishing

    Pearl River Kayaks has several types of kayaks specifically designed for fishing. The Pearl River & Reservior are full of bass, brim, crappie, catfish and more. In a kayak, we can get back into places where the fish have never seen a human or a lure.

    A MS Fishing License is required. Please bring your own rods, reels and bait. Ms. Angi will bring FFFD's (jugs) and worms. With her guidance, Ms. Angi will put you on the best spots and teach you the basics of fishing from a kayak.

    Best launch times for fishing are early morning and late afternoon.

    3 Hours of instruction with Ms. Angi

    (You are welcome to continue paddling and fishing as long as you would like.)

  • Kayak Fishing

  • Flora, Fauna & Fungi

  • Retired/No Longer Available

    Flora, Fauna & Fungi

    A true nature lover's expedition! All botanists, foragers, survivalists & swamp hippies welcome! Ms. Angi's favorite tour explores some of the most ancient Pearl River swamps and creeks where native wildlife and plant species still exist in unspoiled habitats. Sadly, these areas are in grave danger of being destroyed by human development. Join her as she shares her knowledge and passion for nature and "The Mother Pearl".

    The tour includes: native, invasive and edible plant identification, seasonal wild edible sampling, bird identification, mushroom hunting hikes, wildlife tracking, beaver dam exploration,team building paddling obstacles, and survival skill discussions.

    3 to 4 Hours of Adventure & Nature Loving, Tree Hugging Fun

    (Unless you ask questions and get Ms. Angi to talking.)

  • Retired/No Longer Available

    Outbound Ole Broads

    Kayaking for us "ole" broads. Paddling fun & instruction at the "ole" 78 turntable speed with constant repeats for the hard of hearing and extra breaks for stretching, moaning & those oh so frequent potty urges.

    If you are recently retired & looking for a new hobby, this tour is for you!

    2 to 3 Hours (not including the 30 minutes it takes us to get out at the end. LOL!!)

  • Outbound Ole Broads

  • Environmental Citizenship & Ecology

  • Retired/No Longer Available

    Environmental Citizenship & Ecology

    This tour is best suited for school groups, church groups, scout troops, nonprofit organizations, and families who are pasionate about preserving Mother Earth.

    Learn about the Pearl River and Ross Barnett Reservoir system while discoverying the beauty and tremendous importance of this watershed. We hope this experience will instill a spirit of environmental protection and respect for nature in the next generation. Help us save the planet!

    We can make this tour a "Keep The Rez Beautiful Cleanup Event" if paddlers will volunteer to remove trash and invasive plant material after the educational tour ends. Other opportunities for volunteering include Adopt-a-Stream programs, cleanup teams and water sampling programs with The Pearlriverkeeper Organization.

    2 to 3 Hours of Instruction & Paddling Adventure